Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This week our model was a pregnent woman but half way through the session she started to feel faint, it was a bit scary, i think she passed out at one point, so someone had to call an ambalance!
but when she left she was fine, i think she was just feeling a little weak.

they called another model to come so we could finish off the session which was amazing because i thought that would be it for the night.

here's the new bloke below

i'm gonna post again this week, so stay tuned!


Maarten Rijs said...

whoah. I thought you were gonna say she gave birth during the session haha.

but shit dude those drawings are crazily good.
the 4th drawing is super. but they are all really good.
the shading is amazing.

one of your best sessions so far I think, if not your best.

Kristian said...

bleedin ada! this are superior. You are gaining lengths here bro. I really mean that. Its really paying off, all this life drawing. Dont stop dude....caravaggio here you come!

Kristian said...

intial love blast out of the way. Here comes the specifics.. The guy drawings: The use of negative space is working well. I can see you have found the benefits of sculpting the outline using the negative darker tone of the background. The last image is a solid drawing . I immediately related to the pose. By that i mean i felt the pose on myself. the twist is great.the weight is clearly demonstrated on the elbow. One thing i thought was that this would have been a great line drawing. No tone. I only say this because the under drawing is so strong.
The drawing stands on its own
Great solid drawing
timbo 'keftethes' greek bwoy!

messytimbo said...

Thanks guys!

It’s funny you say that Kris, coz I feel i didn't get that twist right. It was very subtle, also there was very subtle weight distributed on both arms which I felt were not done correctly. The arm going away from us is by far the worst thing about the drawing. The foreshortening is pretty bad and i get no sense of weight on that arm.

But I’m kinda please you got a sense of weight on at least one of the arms. i think that’s something i should look for instantly when doing the long posses is where the weight is being distributed.

i might try a session with no tone and see how it turns out, I’ve not tried it thus far.

libra bear said...

Ok...what the hell is going on. Tim, I am really impressed. This wasn't happening at Las, life drawin I mean, I remember you always said you wasnt getting anything from the class. Looking at your posts I'm starting to see why. the second from last drawing seems like it has so much volume and weight, I the face seems real to me. I love imroving and get even more excited when I see my peers improving. Keep em coming bro.

Alina Chau said...

nice life drawings!

Alina Chau said...

nice life drawings!

alberto mielgo said...

great drawings , messytimbo.
I like also your avatar portrait as it reminds me a character from the deep Andalucia.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim, the firt lady is nice, sorry for her,,good shading..

Doctor Cerebro said...

wow lucky man! last week, two women, and now a pregnant one!

joshuar said...

quality mate..its wicked to find theres loads of people out there so into the same things as me. well like your drawings! is st martins the place to be then? im studying at newport, but its not really focused on drawing.


Eamon said...

Great drawings.

Yoyo said...

the lines is getting strong and confident on your drawings. I'm a bit jealous now..hehe. I wished i would have this chance to draw a pregnant woman.

joshuar said...

yeah newports good in terms at teaching to experiment and push your boundaries..its left to yourself really with how to animate...i suppose its just not the walt disney masterclass i was expecting. if you wanted to see some animation iv got a few pencil tests online at youtube.com/indoob ...but nothing im happy with. s'all about the life drawing! u got any work online?

David Beer said...

Well done dude! Nice loose lines. I've been drawing a bit but not nearly enough...registered with some drawing group on meetup.com or something may go through 2nd April 1830, costs like £2 each for the model or something, I think about 15 people, somewhere in central london I think... anyway, later man