Friday, January 25, 2008

Theodore heads

I’d just like to thank michal for fixing my computer (for free). thanks so much buddy!
ok, so I my computers been broken, but its fix now. so here are some different head designs for Theodore, along with some bog standard colours.
I’m rubbish when it comes to choosing colours (and colouring), but I just wanted to try out different hair and skin colours.
as always crits are welcome.


Kristian said...

nice, nice homes. Having read the description I would see Theodore as the head bottom right. Im pleased that your computer is back up and running.. i'm staying tuned

pog said...

it's funny what you've done with these heads,it is always same head but you change only hair,i like it(I'm sorry for my mistakes,I don't speak very well english)

Maarten Rijs said...

your not dead, nice! love them, I think the top left is most close to what i thought hed look like.

Meredith said...

I'm drawn to the one with the bright red short hair for some reason. Best skin is top left though for sure. :)

Stevie Bassline B said...

I like the idea of him having long hair and a beard. I imagine him living like a tramp in his 80s junk filled room and not washing or shaving cos there's that would just be conforming to the society that he hates so much. He would be sporting a hat most of the time anyway right?

I love coming on here man. You smashed it being so productive. Keep it up

messytimbo said...

thanks everyone the feed back is most helpful

Nick said...

Really like the second one down on the left. Like you said fits the profile of a recluse more like stevie bassline said.

Really like the pug face too.