Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello Again

Just some sketches from the last couple of weeks. Other than my daily train sketching, I’ve not really done anything creative, and it's kind of getting to me. So I’ve been working on a concept and developing a character (which was in my last post) with a whole biography, it's easier for me to design and draw a character when I know a little more about him. So I’ve kind of been putting off posting because I wanted the character concepts to be the next post but because I’ve only had time to write about him and not draw him, I thought I better post something else.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been leaving me comments, it’s really enjoyable reading your kind words, however with this post, if you choose to leave a comment, I would really appreciate a critique on my drawings. I would like to know what you like and dislike, how you think I could improve, and what areas you think I should develop more.
I’ve got a day off tomorrow (finally!) so I’ll be work on my project. expect to see an update soon (I know I always say that, but I meant it this time)


Maarten Rijs said...

A new post! Niiiice. although it would feel a little weird to critique on your work!
I gotta go to my work now unfortunatly, but I will leave a comment when I get back.

Ken said...

great sketches mate!!!

Maarten Rijs said...

The sketch of the 2nd page at the bottom right and the sketch above that one are amazing! wow. really good.
its a little hard to give critique on your work, its a bit like a student giving critiques to his teacher.
but if you would ask me, well as I said, i love the ones in the corner of the 2nd page.
also, the very first sketch, that awesome. its minimal you left out a lot of 'detaills' and it reads super good.
im not gonna say you should develop in that area or something cause what do I know? im just a beginer.
but as I said i really like those, i hope thats of any help.

and thanks so much for the words on my watercolor, it made me so happy. man thanks. very motivating to keep the painting up, which im definitly gonna do, its a lot of fun!

ps. the coloured doodles on the first page are awesome.

EVA said...

Thank you for your commentary ,also I like much this video
have you someone hereabouts?

see you

Jackson said...

I really like your gesture work on your last few posts. You have some lovely line work. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

libra bear said...

Hmmm, Its hard to say what I don't like, its all about preference, what I will say (and this is something I always forget) With hand try to imagine what is under the hand, include knukles and creases, etc. Also, Something about your hatching feels off, I can't say what cause I'm not good at it, but the way you use it, it doesn't feel like it serves any purpose in your drawings. it might be something you need to develop. Check some of the renaisance masters hatching technique. Having said all that, your improving on things like form. We'll talk.

Maarten Rijs said...

Oh, with develop you meant develop your 'weak points'? In that case, in my comment i was talking more about pushing that.

looking forward to the character blog. and hope you post some animation again soon... just watched your showreel again... the acting is amazing.

libra bear said...

I was thinking about what I said about your hatching...Like line, you use it to describe something, I don't do it coz I don't know how to, but I would say when you use it, think about things like direction and contours. Messing with angles and stuff. If I see any works with good hatching I'll send you the link.

Anonymous said...

Hi timbo, no critic from me, just wanted to thank you for the (heavy) support I'm getting from you on my stuff. Nice to see you are hard at work, too! Keep on creating in 2008...

Kristian Antonelli said...

tim, these are really good. I especially like the image bottom right of the guy in the foreground. very nice. I think your drawing is strong. I like your thinking in the drawing. I can tell you are getting that line down as quick as possible to describe the form. which looks energetic and loose, which i think looks fab.
The problem i think you encounter is that you feel this i'snt the'look' you want and thus push it aside. I say go with what's natural and then decide later on style. above all keep drawing, whatever!

Maarten Rijs said...

yo tim,
yeah i did the bathroom sketch cause of your sketch. mine was kinda crap, ill post some better stuff sunday.

anyway its fun to do a sketch related to a sketch someone else made. could be a fun little game.

i did it cause i had just taken a shower and i noticed the awesome shadows on the towel (and then i thought of your bathroom sketch). so i guess i did it cause i was there. not on the toilet LOL. your taking the draw everywhere and anywhere to extremes.. but thats awesome. I should do the same thing, and im trying to.

Ive been thinking about what you said about my minimal lines. and not just cause you said so but cause it bothered me.
I think im just afraid to fall back into my old overwork habits (those library sketches, haha i must have been blind) scared to regress.
But i did a fairly minimal but loose sketch yesterday and it turned out kinda good so Im probably gonna try that out this week.

hope your good. later

messytimbo said...

thanks everyone for your comments and crits. they've been very helpful, and i've enjoyed seeing things that i wouldn't of spotted.
so thanks maarten, wes and kristian. and don't feel shy to do the same in posts to come.

Anonymous said...

Great work you've here.

Merry Christmas and the best for 2008.


Doctor Cerebro said...

hey McCourt! fact is i have nothing to post! my computer went kaput a few hours after finishing my showreel (!!!). and i am currently working at pineapple studios with daniel and dave, so i haven't got much time. i need days with 27 hours, that would be cool!
so what about you? your sketches look good, but when will we see some animation?

Mel Maduro said...

Great stuff! I love the looseness of your sketches.

Doctor Cerebro said...

anyway, you want something to look at? check out the work of this mate from spain:

Maarten Rijs said...

hey buddy,
thanks for the reference number! it says it has arrived in amsterdam so it should be here shortly :) again, thanks a lot for sending the dvd.
glad you still like the watercolour and normal sketches.
if you could email those notes thatd be great. itll be very helpfull.

just wondering.. do you think this more loose approach is better then the really minimalistic one?

have great holidays dude!

Maarten Rijs said...

and yeaaaaaaah ive got the lightbox haha. im so happy with it. im saving up for some linetest stuff now... you were doing the same thing right? any progress there?

Tim Moen said...

hey tim, nice sketches. hows it going buddy, long time since i talked to you ( i havent posted in while)...anyway merry christmas, belated. talk to you soon.

Meredith said...

Hi, Tim. I just kind of stumbled onto your site, but I've had fun looking at and reading about your work this morning. My brother actually just moved to London! Anyway... great work... I noticed you mentioned mytoons before. If you haven't already, you should enter their bumper contest. Thanks for the entertainment! I'll be back to see more. Cheers!

Dan said...

The bald guy sitting down could have been a lot stronger but still a good attempt..theres something there still... its something i'm working on all the time, so im not having a go at you, but try to think more about large shapes/forms straight away, before you even make a mark, especially with hands and feet. If you do decide to put in hands or feet always make sure you're careful with the position and angle in relation to the rest of the body or any surfaces. But this next ones a personal thing so im not saying you have to listen to me at all... but that bath tub... im not a fan of colouring in sketches from life digitally (it looks like it was drawn from life?), it can make the drawing a lot weaker and it always looks 'illustrational'(sometimes this is the desired effect). I kinda like the drawing of the bath, that perspective is beginning to work but the color spoils it. I think if you want to color in sketches from life, one way is to use water colors on the spot after doing the sketch. A good example of this is Chris Chua.. check out his blog.