Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just words and my new mate

I’m mega pissed off! My computer broken down on Christmas Eve. So i can't post any of the designs i've been working on, not that there's much to post anyway, been working loads during the chrimbo period. i just read through some of the older posts on my blog... and they seem to be full of empty, unfulfilled promises. I’m sorry (for those of you who care

I’m gonna post my character biography in a lame attemped to keep my blog updated.

So with out further-ado let me introduce Theodore Prince Boxman

Theodore Prince Boxman

Age: 26

Hobbies: Collecting random and useless things from eBay (most notably his extensive collection of annuals from his favorite movie and TV shows from the 1980’s, McDonalds happy meal toys, a variety of different hats and head wear, his favorites being “starter snap backs” and “winter trooper caps” )
Not going out.
Reading comics, and children’s books
Watching DVD’s and old video’s
Looking behind the sofa to find things he’d forgotten were lost.
Dressing up.

EBay obsession:
Most expensive items purchased on eBay:
1. replica Robocop suit
2. replica Ghostbusters proton pack
3. A signed Timmy mallet mallet, which was featured on episode 52 of “Wacaday”. (it turned out to be a fake)
4. Replica Spiderman suit.
5. R-3250 Ultra-Compact Gen1 night vision Goggles

Least expensive items purchased on eBay:
1. The “Telebugs” (80’s kids’ cartoon) kitchen Magnet for 12p
2. “Natwest piggybank” bottom plug (the rubber plug part that keeps the money in. needed to complete his set of “natwest piggybanks”) 37p
3. Lot of PEZ dispensers including: Garfield the Cat, X-Men's Wolverine, Fred Flintstone, Looney Toons's Yosamiti Sam, TMNT's Michelangelo, Peanut's Woodstock, and the PEZ Clown. 48p
4. 90’s fanta promotion yo-yo (to add to the set, still on the look out for the super rare gold coke yo-yo) 98p
5. Sealed box of batman returns stickers: 1 pound 37p (the one you used to get in individual packets. Bought because of an argument in a local corner shop over the price of the stickers in 1992. It ended in Theodore getting laughed at and being told that “you can’t find them cheaper any where else”. Theodore now remarks “Who’s laughing now Mr Patel, you old cunt!”)

Feedback: 3568: 99.9 % positive (received one negative feedback due to a nasty feud over a “wideAwake club” annual.)

Favourite flavour crisps: cheese and onion
Favourite food: a popcorn salami and crisp sandwich.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: picking scabs, Chevy Chase films, the feeling of your ball bags when they get cold and turn hard and shell like, resembling a kind of warm walnut, Nutella, getting shinnies in packs of stickers, the smell of Vicks Vaporub,

Dislikes: the taste of orange juice after you’ve brushed your teeth, going out, most people, his name and jelly

Favourite website:
4oD (which is more of a downloadable webpage programme thingy)

Favourite TV shows (including past and present)
Peep show
Young ones
might boosh
Fun house
Are you afraid of the dark?
Clarissa Explains It All
Euro trash
Saved by the bell
You bet
Big break
Beavis and butthead
Crystal maze
Ren and stimpy
Jeremy Kyle (favorite episode David vs. Debbie, here’s the link

Character biography

Theodore prince Boxman (born 7th June 1981). He was named after the 26th American president and explorer, Theodore Roosevelt, and his parent’s favorite musician, Prince. Theodore was actually conceived at one of Prince’s early gigs at First Avenue, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is his parent’s home town. Shortly before Theodore was born his parents Marty and Jennifer Boxman moved to London to head the marine department at London zoo. They settled in Paddington.

Sadly in the summer of 1999 both his parents were killed whilst testing a new shark repellent. Theodore watched as his parent’s successfully repelled two great white sharks, unfortunately the repellent attracted giant jelly fish (a problem that was later ironed out) that stung his parents to death. Theodore now makes a small fortune from his parent’s invention, but hates to go out in wide open spaces, local swimming pools and refuses to eat jelly.

When Theodore was a young child the other kids were constantly making fun of his name. At the time when he was growing up he shared his name with a three inch talking chipmunk with a funny voice. The constant name teasing was the reason enough for Theodore changed his name to Prince, however, the numerous references to a short weirdly dressed Androgynous man in cuban heels lead to even more name teasing. He then changed it to his first initials: T.P, and that worked for a while until the “T.P for my bum hole” episode of Beavis and butthead aired on channel 4 in the 90’s. His peers soon realized that the initials stood for toilet paper and it was back to the constant piss taking. so he change it back to Theodore again. Because of this weird history of name changing, Theodore now has a strong dislike to Prince and his music; Prince William and Harry (but mainly because they’re sloaney socialite dicks); and Alvin and the chipmunks.

In fact Theodore doesn’t like any music unless it has reference to a movie or TV show, and links most of his daily activities to movie soundtracks. I.e. he always listens to “Flight of the Valkyries” from Apocalypse Now while he’s pooing, and if it’s been an emotional bog roll clenching, all clothes off (including watches),bum stinging, sweaty battle poo, he’ll play 'It's Over' ('Good-Bye') from ‘terminator 2 judgment day’ sound track whilst flushing.

Since his parents have died, Theodore stop going out and purchases all his shopping from, or he calls out for takeaway food. As a result most of his friends with in the first year gave up on trying getting him out, and he now only has a couple of close friends who go around his two bedroom flat and visit him from time to time. The only time Theodore leaves his flat is to visit his parent’s graves, but only in full Robocop attire (he’s recently been persuaded to keep it to a 3 piece minimum, foot wear, upper body armor and helmet)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello Again

Just some sketches from the last couple of weeks. Other than my daily train sketching, I’ve not really done anything creative, and it's kind of getting to me. So I’ve been working on a concept and developing a character (which was in my last post) with a whole biography, it's easier for me to design and draw a character when I know a little more about him. So I’ve kind of been putting off posting because I wanted the character concepts to be the next post but because I’ve only had time to write about him and not draw him, I thought I better post something else.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been leaving me comments, it’s really enjoyable reading your kind words, however with this post, if you choose to leave a comment, I would really appreciate a critique on my drawings. I would like to know what you like and dislike, how you think I could improve, and what areas you think I should develop more.
I’ve got a day off tomorrow (finally!) so I’ll be work on my project. expect to see an update soon (I know I always say that, but I meant it this time)