Thursday, November 08, 2007


sorry for the lack of post recently. my internets been down, so what blogging i've been doing, it's been from my girl friends home and at work. but i figured that i would do my scanning at home, save to my pen drive, and post where ever i can.
so here's some more life drawings.

the top drawings are of me and my girlfriend. she drew me and i drew her.

she wasn't to happy with the drawing of her (it isn't very good, she's much better)

but i have to say i'm not that flattered by the way she's drawn me, but i have to admit, it does look like me hahahaha


libra bear said...

Lady with the green and red, and the guy sleeping....I love it, your getting alot better. Glad to see your posting again

Maarten Rijs said...

Awesome man. Love the sketch you did of your girlfriend. Actually all your close up faces are really really good. Ill try and let it inspire me.
So wes does the timbo portrait look like him?
Just came across some photos from when I was in london a few years back, ill probably include them with my next post sunday :)

Jean-Mi said...

thank you for your comment,
your work is good, i like your sketches.

arzu said...

very nice cafe drawings!
i speciallt like the face on the last page top right side

Edwin said...

promise I will get something up on my blog soon.
Liking your sketches, particularly that one in the top left with the double chin.(looks like its done in felt pen on yellow paper).
Ive got to get skethching again, its the root of all that creative.

Maarten Rijs said...

hey dude,
dont worry about boring me! Its the opposite, cant ever talk enough about this stuff in my opinion.
I did do things of which I didnt think I had in me, not that i think its really good, but its better then I thought i could do. Man you phrased that so nicely haha.
Unluckily I wasnt able to find felix topolski stuff. but I can imagine what you mean. It must be stuperhard to put down a lot of lines without overworking the sketch.
I feel really comfortable with putting down just a few lines, ill see where it goes.
hope you make a post again soon :)

C. G. Leow said...

Hey Timbo. Thanks for dropping by my site. Nice observational sketches you've got there. Keep it up!

chris chua said...

great sketches. So full of life and vitality! Keep up the wonderful work, man!