Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inspiration from life

I feel a lot of people who are producing art are not taking their inspiration from life. I feel that a creative gift or skill should be guided by some pure i.e. life.

I’ve been talking a lot recently to a couple of my close friends about inspiration; what they and I think makes art and creativity so interesting. I think sharing messages and thoughts is the key.

This is what these discussions have concluded. Choose your medium to communicate your messages. Your mind is the creative part so pick a medium, whether it's music, writing, film, animation, painting, sculpture, and share yourself via it.

so here is my life drawing from today the last couple days

this is a poem by my friend that i find inspiring.

Merely about doing

“Underestimating yourself is the beginning of not achieving”

Instead of telling yourself I can’t, just do.

The way you do that is, stop becoming your thought and start becoming your action.

When thinking hard about the action you want to do, a lot of the time you think yourself out of doing It. Which is the enemy within yourself.

Just become your action,

Get a clear mind, find your focus, your comfort zone, and go for it. Your actions are the only thing worth living for.


an independent thinker.


libra bear said...

It seems that your really getting into drawing these days which is cool. Something I haven't done for a while.

I lkie the woman with the hat and the man with the blue face. Tell me, do you find it easier to drawin Pen or Pencil?

messytimbo said...

i'm not sure what’s easier but i think it's good practise for your line with pen, because you can't rub-out.

Maarten Rijs said...

If youve been to holland, trust me coffeeshops here are NOT the place to draw hahaha.
But your so right, inspiration should come primarily from life, your source when drawing should also be life. I think because there is so much art out there people sometimes forget that or something and make the art of others their primary source.
I wanna get better, so Im definitly gonna go out there and draw.
Today I heard about life drawing classes pretty near where I live, I think thats worth checking out too.
I see your linking to the pyrats site, pyrats is awesome isnt it? I was blown away when I first saw it, now Ive watched it over 20 times probably.
One day I wanna be able to animate like that, Im gonna work hard for it :)
Oh and thanks for the comments and tips on the loomis books, Ill be reading those two first.

Kristian Antonelli said...

Your frined has soe wise words there, tim.
I think you are totally moving in the right direction. Drawing music, acting building constructing is what makes it interesting being human.
the third page you have drawn a beautiful little sketch of a guy in a wooly hat. his expression is priceless. great work.

ADDY said...

woow tim your stuff is amazing man, i don't know u remeber me or not, i used to study in cavendish, its adeel, but you got skills man... keep it up...

Doctor Cerebro said...

I agree with your buddy. I think actions define a person, not words.

Maarten Rijs said...

Hey, you might have got the wrong impression, check my reply.

And thanks for the quick response man.

Maarten Rijs said...

Ah... you really ARE right haha. But seriously Ive started thinking and well came to the conclusion that I should probably not wait with animating till i feel more comfortable with drawing. Just make it my 2nd priority.
So edited my post once again.

Thanks a lot man.

Colpetto said...

hi,i love you works,are really "free" ,ever if can use that word..

Jamal O said...

thankas. Great work here too!

Michal Olgierd Konstantynowicz said...

just want to ad - great drawings Tim, I really praise your ability to draw and draw, the detremination which drives you to never stop, great drawings yet again, respect!

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey tim, well done, can see you bee drawing a lot.
and thinking as well..
like wes, i like the blue woman, it´s got a nice expression, the look behing the glasses..cool.
what about you flash animaton?
cheer tim, thanks,

Maarten Rijs said...

Hey, you should try the library once to draw people, worked really well for me haha. People are mostly reading stuff and sitting still...

Olivier Ladeuix said...

ohhhh the LAS guys are getting some serious commenting going on.... ;-)

Ken said...

Lots of great sketches here dude

Just my two cents... I reckon inspiration and creativitiy comes from somewhere beyond the mind, somewhere untouched by thought.

creativity seems to flower and blossom from somewhere...

I dont know where tho...

Ken :D

messytimbo said...

thanks everyone for your comments!

maarten- i think you account for about half of them :) and i'm gonna try out the library drawing, thats a good call.

ken- thanks for your thoughts on my thoughts, you made me think. i feel that your right about the inspiration to be creative comes from somewhere we don't know. but inspiration and creativity are two different things. you can be inspired by someone you've met or something you've seen, it could be something as small as a leaf. inspiration can come from anywhere, and there's so much of it out side are windows and it's staring as right in the face. thats all i was trying to say in my post.

i hope a i don't sound patronising

Steve said...

Timbo I'm gettin Hoaxman to put some music on dat fing I mentioned before. I'll mail it soon as I get it but he can be a bit long. Hope youre good

Alina Chau said...

nice pages of drawings!

Maarten Rijs said...

hey man, thanks for the feedback, i really am gonna try to.. draw people anywhere, sketch fast and 'go for what communicates' as you said. Might have interesting results.
im enjoying the life drawing very much.

pog said...

hey I've seen your comment on my blogspot, so I come here I wanted to see your stuffs.I like your draws,they are cool,littles animations are very good,I like the poor boy with his japanese food,he's funny.I'm sorry,I don't speak very well english,but if I've understood when I say keep it up,this is encouraging,so I like your draws,keep it up!!

Maarten Rijs said...

thanks for the tip, ill definitly try it. little scared that people will notice me drawing them if i look at them even more lol, but on the other hand the drawing might go faster.
on the walt stanchfield notes... well he talks about gesture drawing... but that doesnt mean you or I have been doing something wrong... in those gesture drawings is no detaill at all, but you gotta practice the detaills too right? I think its especially when you wanna get a big pose.. its not like all your sketches should be gesture drawings. without practicing detaill youd miss so much..
My thoughts on it, let me know what you think. I printed out those notes too, dont like reading on the computer. Its only 100 pages or something.

Not like the andrew loomis books lol... Id love to print those things but they are incredibly big.

thanks for your feedback, ill keep drawing every day :)

Btw, you said you were gonna do a short this year, keep me up to date man, really awesome.

Maarten Rijs said...

oh by the way its a few months ago that I read the notes, too be honest I forgot a lot haha so I might be wrong.
its true that 'poses' or full body drawings shouldnt be super detailled.

GhettoFab said...

an inspirational post! Im glad that I stumbled across you blog!

Maarten Rijs said...

LOL great poop theory haha. Im embarrased to say your totally right. Now im life drawing myself i look totally different at your sketches man, theyve been a great inspiration for me this week :)

Heather said...

its always great to meet another with similar goals in life. beautiful sketches. :O)

Spangles said...

Hey Tim, my showreel's all over London now, had some feedback, a guy at Rushes said I'm good enough to be a junior (no vacancies for pure animators there though) and MPC and Double Negative have given me a call, but no real work alas.

I'm going to be taking a couple of weeks off temping so I can concentrate on doing some more work.

I'm so desperate for a job right now, to be honest amongst other things it's really starting to get to me. But, you've just got to keep going!

How's things with you? Are you going to animate again or just life draw?

Maarten Rijs said...

hey dude,
I know EXACTLY what you mean with overworking the outline! Something I did especially in the library drawings, I did try to put down less lines last week but its quite a switch. I think ill do better on that this week. Gonna try what you said and try n keep the line thin.
(something I really admire in your sketches)
thanks man, hope you post some stuff soon!

Jason Barnes said...

yes sir. i love your sketches. very loose and lively. great subtle use of color and shading as well.

take care,