Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inspiration from life

I feel a lot of people who are producing art are not taking their inspiration from life. I feel that a creative gift or skill should be guided by some pure i.e. life.

I’ve been talking a lot recently to a couple of my close friends about inspiration; what they and I think makes art and creativity so interesting. I think sharing messages and thoughts is the key.

This is what these discussions have concluded. Choose your medium to communicate your messages. Your mind is the creative part so pick a medium, whether it's music, writing, film, animation, painting, sculpture, and share yourself via it.

so here is my life drawing from today the last couple days

this is a poem by my friend that i find inspiring.

Merely about doing

“Underestimating yourself is the beginning of not achieving”

Instead of telling yourself I can’t, just do.

The way you do that is, stop becoming your thought and start becoming your action.

When thinking hard about the action you want to do, a lot of the time you think yourself out of doing It. Which is the enemy within yourself.

Just become your action,

Get a clear mind, find your focus, your comfort zone, and go for it. Your actions are the only thing worth living for.


an independent thinker.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

enjoying drawing

I'm starting to really enjoy drawing again. i think that when i started to amimate things i realized how good you have to be in order to create strong form and expression. i think that i used to get bogged down by that and it used to make me hate myself everytime i put pencil to paper. i've not drawn any animation for months now which is bad, but i've really got into drawing on the train or at a bus stop or wherever, and weather it be a good or a bad drawing i just enjoy making the marks.

i'm not gonna do any drawn animation until i can get a line tester set up in my house, so until i've saved the money to get a shitty laptop and a shitty camera with some sorta stand, your gonna just have to make do with drawings.

hopefully it won't take me too long.

and i've got so much reading to do. i.e. the illusion of life, Walt Stanchfiel drawing notes, then re-read animators survival kit.