Wednesday, May 02, 2007


here's some sketches i did for my final project which have been rejected. we've change the character to a skater girl from skater guy. if you didn't know, one in two people are female, and out of 6 characters in are original crew, only one is a girl, so now there's two...still not completely p.c but it's a gesture.
no, in all seriousness, we needed to make the two adult character a very different shape, so making one female was a good solution.

there's only a couple of pages from my sketch book. i scanned loads, about 25 pages(it took me bloody ages), and i was going to do this fat sketch book post. guess what happen? that wright, my good old trusty computer crash on me. there's no way on gods green earth i'm doing that again. so i'm only giving you a couple.

some of the colours have came out a bit wierd, i don't know what the hell i did in photoshop to make that happen, coz when i saved them they were fine. anywho, thanks for looking


Kristian Antonelli said...

the top panel is really good. the head shot is perfecto!

Tim Moen said...

good work timbo. keep at it! i really like the face on the very top left (its kinda bluish). good structure but with expression. awesome!

libra bear said...

I really am impressed with your progress, and it's good to see that you've kept up the life drawing. I'm really in a slump at the mo. Chat to you on tues, and spider-man 3 sucked!!! :(

black lamb said...

these are probably my favorite group of studies. you def hav a style dude. i especially like the guy at the top.