Monday, May 14, 2007

practise make perfect

and i'm a firm believer.

here's a practise piece i just did in painter.

lets me know what you think

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Background mood concept

i'm very new to drawing backgrounds and layouts, and there's alot in my final project. i'm working with my good pal shouren, and he seems very confidant doing the bg's. and because i want them to look good, he's going to be drawing them :), with a little art direction from me. i've been creating some mood boards today and i did my first digital painting with the kinda atmosphere i want in our film.

let me know what you think?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


here's some sketches i did for my final project which have been rejected. we've change the character to a skater girl from skater guy. if you didn't know, one in two people are female, and out of 6 characters in are original crew, only one is a girl, so now there's two...still not completely p.c but it's a gesture.
no, in all seriousness, we needed to make the two adult character a very different shape, so making one female was a good solution.

there's only a couple of pages from my sketch book. i scanned loads, about 25 pages(it took me bloody ages), and i was going to do this fat sketch book post. guess what happen? that wright, my good old trusty computer crash on me. there's no way on gods green earth i'm doing that again. so i'm only giving you a couple.

some of the colours have came out a bit wierd, i don't know what the hell i did in photoshop to make that happen, coz when i saved them they were fine. anywho, thanks for looking