Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sketchbook pages

Here's some sketchbook pages from the last couple of weeks. most of which are people on the train, not that you can tell. i need to get used to drawing my whole environment.

I recommend Kristian Antonelli for an excellent example of this


Kristian Antonelli said...
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G1toons said...

thanks for stopping by, yeh when i started this blog i had not drawn in a while,i was in front of the computer every day working on my first demo so i kinda lost touch with the pencil so getting into this blog thing was to force me to keep drawing and coming up with fresh ideas and improve along the way, i am in the middle of redoing my website, so keep checking and you will see my animation, love your blog by the way, how is the industry back home

libra bear said...

It amazes me that you haven't drawn for that long, You have already grasped concepts that I only started grasping this year (and some of last year). Your definately someone I have learnt from, can learn from and will learn from, now over to shourens blog...hooray.

killmax said...

beautiful sketch!

see you!

Anonymous said...

what happen to one with the playstation face if anything do one with me skating whilse playing a psp. see you soon man keep up the drawing.